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What's Included:
Each duvet set comes complete with:
• European Flax® certified linen duvet cover x 1
• European Flax® certified linen pillowslip x 2 (that's right - we don't add them on at checkout) 
• A handy, eco-friendly, drawstring bag for storage

More Details:  
• Duvet cover has a hidden wooden button enclosure at the base + a neat 3cm border surrounds the base and sides
• Each pillowslip is 50 x 75cm with a 3cm border and a side closure

About European Flax® Certification:  
From flax seed to finished product, the European Flax® certifies traceability and accountability for growers and traders to follow sustainable practices at every step of production.  This means that flax producers commit to zero irrigation, zero GMO, and zero waste when harvesting their flax.

Bedtonic X Sustainability: 
Sustainability is at the centre of Bedtonic’s ethos. All Bedtonic products are packaged and shipped in reusable and recyclable materials. We believe in doing our part to make sure mother earth rests easy. 

Although your linen has been soft-washed prior to shipping, we recommend a second wash when you receive it.

Warm wash on a regular cycle using a liquid detergent. Powder detergents and overuse of detergent may shorten the life of your linen and harden the fibres.

If your linen becomes stiff after purchase we recommend washing it on a water only wash to strip the build up of detergent.

Line drying is preferable or tumble dry on low to medium heat.

Can be pressed seamlessly with a hot steam iron or left soft and rumpled for the perfect lived in linen look.

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